Married Life

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Dec 9, 2012 01:21
I just have come home after I met up my friend.

He suggested me having a blind date with his friend at first.
"I don`t have interest in being a couple at this moment but thank you", I responded.

He tried to read my thought.
"You know what? I think you don`t have any interest in marriage at all. You don`t care it at all".
Actually I don`t. I used to want to get married some day but not now.
He didn`t recommend it any more.

He talked about his marriage life after we finished the conversation about blind date.
He has to get rid of his stress before he comes back home, which he has got during working time because, according to his opinion, it would hurt his wife if he complains too much the difficulty of work. So he should string up his nervous when he is even at his home.

Making your spouse nervous is marriage life?
I don`t want to be an evil torturing my husband, but I don`t want to be hurt either.

I have no idea what the married life is because, luckily, I`m single. But I think it is about limited opportunity cost among many options you can choose. Married life also means compromising with your spouse to avoid war.
In Korea, you should think one more thing. You should take care of your extended family including your parents in law.

Problem is that there are too many obstacles in front of you, which would
be a money problem or limited options you can choose among them. You can`t spend money for your family if you lent it to your friend. You can`t be with your friends hanging out on Friday night if your wife insists that you have to stay at home to take care of children.
...I become scared stiff whenever I`m informed about the married life from my married friends.