Mixing soju and coffee

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Nov 21, 2011 23:43
Mixing soju and coffee. It obviously sounds strange though, I like the combination of falvours.

Because I like soju, I was interested in the idea of mixing soju and coffee when I watched a movie titled "6 Years in Love". It`s a Korean movie and the original Korean title is "6년째 연애중", BTW.
Unfortunately, all of my friends are opposed to my taste this time. They say that I always devise funny things. Lol ^^;;;
They believe that soju goes well with only Samgyeopsal(pork BBQ) and they don`t like adding something to soju.

However, I think it would be okay to add something to soju. There are many kinds
of cocktails such as mojito, martini, etc., which are the combinations of alcohol beverages and other flavours. I think I could opt the idea of cocktail.