The idea about consciousness

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Nov 17, 2011 22:09
I was reading the book titled "Flow" by M.Csikszentmihalyi. (BTW, what a difficult name!)
According to his opinion in the book, people use definitley low level of consciousness in their precious leisure time at home, such as watching TV, reading magazines.
I think, it means that you must use a lot of your consciousness when you read a book with a difficult topic.

I hit on a funny question related it all of a sudden; There are the limited
amount of consciousness which I can use. I must use very littel of it in the way of thinking or what else during my leisure time. However, in terms of my personal experiences, I have never used my remaining consciousness for other activities. I mean, I perfectly concentrate on my precious activity; watching
TV without any other ideas disturbing me. Where is my remaining consciousness? What is it doing while I`m tatally concentrated on TV?
On the contrary, I`m always interfered by useless ideas coming up suddely while
I try to read a difficult book. A lot of funny ideas disturb me to keep reading the book. I must use my high level of consciousness to read the book. There aren`t remaining consciousness I can use except the reading activity. Isn`t it?
In that case, why I always struggle with funny ideas disturbing my activity when I read a book? Meanwhile I always concentrate on TV perfectly without any other disturbing ideas.