My funny trip to Japan

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Nov 8, 2011 03:19
I traveled around Tokyo a week ago.
I didn`t know how to speak Japanese but every one told me in Japanese
whenever I asked them using the sentence witten in Japanse on my memo pad.
Before I started my trip, because I didn`t know Japanses at all, I asked my sister to write some question sentences related about the my destinations on the memo pad .

I didn`t understand why every people replied me in Japanese when I asked
a question using the dull sentences on the memo pad.
My sister gave me the answer.
"You know, you look like a Japanese (I had been told that my face looks like
Japanese many times before). So, whenever you showed the memo pad with the sentences written in Japanese to ask the destination, Japanese people thought that you must be a mute. You should know that You really look like an ordinary Japanese girl".
Okay, I look like a Japanese girl.

Anyhow, what I`d like to say is that everyone was really kind.
Everyone was really kind and gave a help to me with finding the destination where I was planning to go. Some people took me the place when I asked how to
go there. I appreciate you guys. Thank you ^^*.

Oh, I love Kawagoe. This place is not famous to Korean travelers yet.
I really appreciate the old man at the information center of the Kawagoe station, who let me know how to take the bus to go to the old city.
I also love the old style Japanese gardens in Tokyo. I met a Japanese man
while I tried to find the place. He took me the place. He told me that he had been Korea 12 years ago. He spoke in Korean even though it was not perfect. It was quite impressive to me.

According to my sisters opinion, I was lucky because not all traveler
from Korea can`t meet these people who gave a favor like my case.
I know I`m lucky. But I always have met good people whenever I traveled...
So...I`m really lucky. Hahaha. ^^*

I met Filipino travelers at the airport when I came back to Busan, Korea, who tried to find their accommodation. I tried to give them the information how to fine the destination but it was not easy because my English was not perfect to explain how to go there.
I realized how much the guys who gave me a help were good and kind.
I hope the Filipino girls have a wonderful experience during their trip in Busan like my experience in Tokyo.