Go for it, Chris! Go for it, Ulala Session!

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Oct 9, 2011 22:23
Recentely, I`ve been very into the Korean audition program titled
"Supter Star K".
It`s a similar program to "American Idol".

There are some contestants having special stories, which are quite touching.
Chris Golightly is from America. He used to be a competitor of "American Idol".
Although he has wonderful talent, he couldn`t have made it since his ex-manager
black mailed him and the Fox TV company. Because of it, Chris Golightly was disqualified from the show.
He was frustrated but there was nothing he could do.
He is an orphan. He was abandoned by the step parent. Besides it, he was mistreated by teachers in the care center.
I hope he will make a wonderful story through this competition.

"Ulala Session" is another participant group of the program. These 4 guys are gifted.
Unfortunatley, the leader of the group has serious cancer. It`s already final stage. However, he decided to keep his challenge for other memebers of the group to make success even after he dies.
He always says "Don`t ask me how I am feeling. I`m fine and doing great"
and "Don`t say you can`t. Don`t say it`s impossible".
This group, "Ulala Session" is the hot favourite competitor for the audition.
I almost cried while they were singing because it`s a very toching moment.
I think they will win. They are already amazing. Ther are really beautiful!