Dreams and interpretation.

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Oct 8, 2011 12:14
According to the Korean dream interpretation, transportations including cars imply sucess or your fortune in the future. If you drive along a beautiful freeway, it also means you will achive sucess.

A tidy toilet also imply your luck; you will achive your goal, especially at your work, if you were in a tidy toilet in your dream. On the contrary, if you can`t find a proper one or if you have to use a disgusting place, it means you will fail your work.

You should not forget your wallet during your dream advanture. Meanwhile you will get good luck if you stole a wallet or money from other people.

I hope I could get a good dream with many wonderful methaphorical things such as swallow,

,driving on the freeway, beautiful scenery, haging out with celebrities, taking a bow to Buddha,

having your own desk, and clutching a pig! ....etc, etc,. You could get lurk if you can see a many fishes in the cristal pure water and seize it in your dream.