should there be more emphasis on the sciences in education today?

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Nov 9, 2012 09:20
I want to write a speech today for a short speech exam.

I am going to talk about the topic "should there be more emphasis on the sciences in education today?"

Last century, we changed our world dramatically with science development for better or for worse. And Education is the future that we make. So the quetion can be rephrased "we should continue rely on sciences or we should find another way." And as my answer, yes. We should put more emphasis on the scientific education. There are many reasons supporting this claim.

Firstly, as I said, science brought us negative and positive effects, both side. What comes up my mind at first as negative effect, is weapon for war. The science made it possible to create a weapon that kill innumerable people in a second. On the other hand science saved also a lot of lives by medical care development, directly like medicine and new way of surgery and indirectly like hygienics and faster way of communication. If I compare the negative effect with the positive effect. The positive effects outweigh the negative effect.

Secondly, we can not come back to the era without science even if some people want it. We must learn how to deal with the today's science. Without scientific education we can not use science in a proper way. It would cause only chaos.

Thirdly, today's scientific edication is not enough, because we don't pay attention to practical side. For example, in the class of physics I learned how many energy are released when a Uran atom is collapsed. But I didn't learn how many Uran are used actual atom craft, and how many energy they produced. Similary I learned in the class of chemistry about chemical reactions, but I didn't learn where the reactions happens in my life. Perhaps there were some example but only a little, as far as I can remember. The knowledge I learned doesn't connected to my life, it connected only to the score of test.

For these reasons, I think we should put more emphasis to scientific education, in a way not armchair theoretic but practical.