Do young people today have too much leisure time?

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Oct 23, 2012 21:27
I want to write today also for a short speech exam. It takes 2 minutes.

This is a little long entry. I'll be happy if you could correct this entry, even if it's just a part of it.
I am going to talk about the topic "do young people today have too much leisure time?"

I interpreted the topic that it is about Japanese young people. Otherwise it's too many factor involved to talk about like these test. I personally think that young people today doesn't have too much leisure time. On the contrary they doesn't have leisure time that is necessary for human life.

*Comment* "human life" sounds me strange, but I could not find another word. I wanted express like "life, that have enough happiness, tranquility, and fun". How can I say it?

In old days we have a 6-day-a-week schedule and young people today have a 5-day-a-week schedule. So that some people think young people have more leisure time than old generation.

But actually many student go to cram school therefore the entire studying time for student doesn't change. Perhaps became more.

And generally speaking, in japan if you want to get good job, you must get the job just after your college. If you miss the chance, only unstable post remains for you. And interviews for the job, it's valuable that you have "good" activity, except for study.

This is a reason college student today should have some "worthy hobbies". It's kind of obligation. Even it's ridiculous though.

So young people today doesn't have more leisure time compared with old generation.

Above all Japanese work too much, regardless of generation.
We all must experience life of foreign country that have enough leisure time.

In conclusion, young people doesn't have too much leisure time. On the contrary they have too less.

Thank you for listening.