Are printed books and newspapers destined to die out?

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Oct 15, 2012 06:57
I'm writing this entry for preparing a speech in exam. :)

The theme, "Are printed books and newspapers destined to die out?" is one from old exam.

This entry became little long. I'm happy if you correct this entry even if part of them.

I am going to talk about the theme "Are printed books and newspapers destined to die out?".

I personaly think, printed books and newspapers are going to shrink their scale. But they are not going to die out.

There is a some reason about it.

Firstly even a exponential increase of degital devises in our lives, like iPhone, iPad and Kindle and other Android Tablet and so on, it is still minority who read mainly in degital way.

A lot of people prefer to read by analog way, especially elderly people, who does not used to use degital devises. When they were young there were no such a thing.

In the distant future will be gone this reason. But there is other reason why the printed publication does not die out.

So I want to state second reason.

I've heard that when TV came up, many people thought radio ends up its role, it will be vanish. But we know radio have not died out. It still live in our society.

Similar to the radio, printed publication will remain in our society. Because there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages if we compare digital and analog.

What come up to my mind at first is that, printed books doesn't need power supply. If you use degital device, you must know the anxiety when the battery is low. Without power supply it's completery uncapable.

Of course there are many advantage of degital books, we can carry 1000 books easily, it's environmentally friendly, with search function we can find needed information in an instant.

Therefore the digital publication will make their market larger, but because of the reason that I stated the printed books and newspaper does not die out either.

Thank you for listening my speech.