Today's homework, "Compassion"

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Feb 28, 2012 16:35
I finished homework of my English school just now.

Today's homework is "Can you remember a time when you were surprised or touched by an act of compassion? Explain the circumstance of the action."

I wrote the following sentences and have to give a presentation of it. Please proofread it. Thanks!

While I was in LA last summer, I traveled from LA to SF by using a tour bus. On our way to SF, we stopped by Hearst Castle. I saw beautiful castle and pools, and took a lot of pictures. After a while, I noticed I lost my iPhone. I was in a panic because iPhone is the most important thing for me. On top of it, it was a package tour, so that I had to find my iPhone within 30 minutes. Otherwise, I had to leave there without my iPhone. However, I couldn't explain my situation in English to the staff in the Castle because I was in a panic. Soon after that, I met a tour guide, Linda, and she helped me to find my iPhone. She understood the situation quickly and contact with the staff instead of me. Finally, we succeeded to find it thanks to her.

After this trip, I dropped off the bus in little Tokyo in LA. I was very tired and had to call taxi to come back my dormitory because little Tokyo is far from my dormitory. However, she offered to take me to my dormitory by his boyfriend's car. Of course it was not her duty. I really appreciated her act of compassion.
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