Pretending to be Hillary Clinton

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Apr 24, 2015 02:21
In my Chinese class, I am pretending to be Hillary Clinton debating Ted Cruz.

When I worked as Secretary of State, I told Obama that we should resume effective negotiations with Cuba. Now, a few Americans can travel to Cuba. Therefore, Obama benefited from me.

当然要。对,我辞职,但是在美国务卿当中, 我旅行到大多数国家。旅行到这么多国家以后,我累死了。可是现在我朝气蓬勃。克鲁兹先生,你不明白外交政策。你太穷兵黩武。
True, I did resign, but among all of the US secretaries of state, I traveled to the most countries. After traveling to so many countries, I was tired to death, but now I am full of energy. Mr. Cruz, you don’t understand foreign policy. You are too militaristic.

I think Obama's policies have been relatively successful, but because our deficit is so large, everyone in the United States needs to pay taxes. Therefore, we need better border security. On this issue, and I agree with Senator Cruz.

奥巴马的医疗政策是成功的. 现在,大多数美国人有医疗保险。所以,我认为政府应该继续资助疗保险。
Obama’s health care policy has been successful. Now, most Americans have health insurance. Therefore, I think the government should continue to subsidize health insurance.