I 'm studying in the library.

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Oct 28, 2014 21:22
I 'm studying in the library. First, it's really hard to find a seat because some students like to 占(when they go away, they put something on it or desk to express the seat is seated ) seats with their books.Second, I'm hungry now. (>﹏<) Incidentally, does anyone use the 'weibo' in China?
我在图书馆学习。首先,因为有学生喜欢用书占座位(当他们离开了,他们用些东西放在凳子上或者桌子上,来表示此座已被占用了) 我很难找到一个座位。 其次,我现在饿了。顺便问下,有人用微博吗