Part 6. 「神が日本に残した指紋」The Tabernacle

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Aug 31, 2013 21:16
Shinto shrines are also fascinating in how similar they are to the Tabernacle shrine of ancient Israel as recorded in the Old Testament. (In order to understand the similarities you need to be familiar with the Tabernacle).
The Tabernacle of ancient Israel had a fence around the outside, a gate at the front, a wash basin, a temple in the centre divided into two parts, the back part being only for the priests, and containing a mikoshi. This mikoshi was called the Ark. The Ark was a wooden box covered in gold with 2 poles for carrying. On top of the Ark were 2 angels with wings outstretched similar to the Japanese phoenix on Japanese mikoshi.
These are just a few of the numerous similarities between Shinto and ancient Judaism.