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Mar 29, 2018 15:20
Last weekend, I went to see a movie called "Chihayafuru"「ちはやふる」.

It is an anime-adaptation youth movie, portraying cheerful young people whose aim is to win the national competition of the traditional Japanese card playing game called Karuta.

I assume Karuta is quite a distinctive part of Japanese culture.
A long time ago, more than a thousand years, nobles created songs reflecting their feelings about killing time.
Songs must conform to some set rules such as word limits, to maintain beautiful rhythms, one seasonal word within a song and so on. In Karuta, these songs' cards are lined up on a floor and the chairman reads the songs lyrics. Players try to get cards faster than thier competitors.
I guess the number of players is very small today.

This movie is highly interesting, with laughter and tears, and had a high gross at the box office.
This introduction has become quite long, but in the movie, a young actor appears named Mackenyu. He is a son of Sunny Chiba, who appeared in Kill Bill as Hattori Hanzo.

I was wondering if Mackenyu is a common name. I know Mackenzie is a pretty common name for girls. In Kanji, Mackenyu is written like this, 真剣祐 which probably means ' truly a master of swords.' It's cool.