2 Some Experts Believe that it is Better for Children to Begin Learning a Foreign Language at Primary School rather than Secondary School. Do the Advantages of this Outweigh the Disadvantages?

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Oct 30, 2017 21:51
Secondly, when you become adult, you think everything with your first language which means it takes a lot of time to translate to your mother language from other language.
Even though you know grammar and words, it's meaningless unless you can live your daily life by other language. It means that you can't use other language.
The aim of acquiring language is to communicate with foreigners.

Thirdly, the world connects on the Internet now which means you need to catch up with world's trends otherwise you will be behind.
Especially, young people need to set global mind from younger days.
In the near future there are few jobs that people don't have to communicate with foreigners.

In conclusion, learning other language is not just know how to speak, read, listen or write, but also communicate, coexist with people worldwide.
次に、大人になると、なんでも母国語で考えるようになるので、他の言語から母国語に訳すのにとても時間がかかってしまいます。たとえ、文法や単語を知っていても、他の言語で日常生活を過ごせなければ意味がありません。 それは他の言葉をあなたは話せないということになります。言語を習う目的は外国人とコミュニケーションを図るためです。