What are the best ways to stop crime in urban areas?

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Oct 12, 2017 13:44
There are variety of crimes, so variety of solving ways must be required.
For example, nowadays, the number of the elderly drivers' accidents are increasing accompanying the progress of ageing society in Japan. Many lives are lost in those accidents. In this case, the government should constitute the law which banned driving by elderly people, and assure means of transportation for them.

On the other hand, the drag crime rate is rapidly increasing in Roppongi which is typical downtown in Tokyo. In this case, it might be effective that the government assign more police officers in Roppingi at night, or reward for whistle blowers.

Japan is known as one of the best safety country now, and the crime ratio have been still decreasing every year. I can walk alone in Shinjuku, which is the best crowded downtown in Tokyo, even though it's midnight.

However, if the government want to improve the criminal rate more, gathering more citizen's attention toward clean environment is necessary. They will be able to secure the abundance budget.
In addition, I hope that companies and celebrities who contribute to society will become praise more than current status.
People want to support those respectable companies or celebrities, and those whole society attitude will make our environment better.