A Scab Is Still a Part of My Body!

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Jan 14, 2018 21:25
A few weeks ago, I'd had a bad fall while going up stairs outside with keeping my hands in the pockets of my hoodie. Actually it was the worst fall ever in my life, approximately three centimeters in diameter and three millimeters thick of the skin on my knee came off! Personally it revealed to me how dangerous it is if my hands are in my pockets while walking! Also I was so embarrassed!

The wound seemed deep. Nevertheless, it has gradually healed with time. Recently it seems nearly ready to be complete cured as the big thick scab became warped. I can see a gap between my knee and the scab, but apparently the center is still connected together. Probably there is still a spot which hasn't healed.

Yesterday, taking a shower, I found a surprising thing! The scab transformed to be being dome-shaped from the warped-shape. It was completely shut down and was protecting my wound from water, even though It nearly comes off! It was like a shell. Somehow I was so touched while taking a shower lol.

I think the time to say goodbye to the scab is approaching.
Now that I feel it's a part of my body as it made an effort to protect my wound, so I feel kind of sentimentalism to be apart from it!



昨日、シャワーを浴びていて、驚くことを発見しました!かさぶたが反っている状態からドーム状にトランスフォームしたのです!完全にすきまがなくなり、水から傷を守っていました。もうほとんど取れそうなかさぶたなのに!なんか貝みたいでした。シャワーを浴びながらなんだか感動してしまいました。 笑

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