1 Some Experts Believe that it is Better for Children to Begin Learning a Foreign Language at Primary School rather than Secondary School. Do the Advantages of this Outweigh the Disadvantages?

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Oct 30, 2017 21:50
I believe that learning a foreign language at primary school have a lot of advantages rather than secondary school.
There are several reasons.

First, learning a language needs a lot of time. The number of grammar's structure is limited, but there are so many words to remember same as your first language.
It's more efficient that you learn one word for two languages at the same time.

In addition, language is customary.
Children starts speaking their first language when they turned two or three years old because they already learn their language by hearing what their parents said.
Unless children don't have a opportunity to get used to other language, they can't speak.
Moreover, children are much more spontaneous than adults, so learning foreign language from younger days is very important to improve it.