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Jan 14, 2018 19:36
The other day I'd watched a movie called Napoleon Dynamite.
The movie is so hilarious! All characters are weirdos and seem so silly. Their pace is so easy going on their pace and I love that kind of chill and surreal atmosphere. By the way, the title is the lead character's name lol, and I wonder if there are some bizarre names in other countries.
Of course there are a lot of bizarre names in Japan, and we call them キラキラネーム(Kirakira name) colloquially.
For instance, the name 黄熊 reads as Pooh, since 黄 means yellow, and 熊 means a bear. Another one is 黄宙, which can be read as Pikachu. Yet I've never met any people who have these names. Regarding my name, it means autumn since I was born in autumn. How simple it is! In Spanish, it means here (aqui), I still can't find any deeper meaning in my name. However, it's simple, and I like it.

すごく面白かったです。出てくる登場人物はみんな変な人ばかりで、だる~い感じです。みんなマイペースで適当な感じで、こういったゆるくてシュールな雰囲気は好きです。ところで、タイトルは主人公の名前なんです笑 それで、海外にもこういう変わった名前ってあるのかなと思いました。 もちろん日本にも沢山変わった名前はあって、スラングでキラキラネームと言います。