A Classic Typically Japanese Wife Might Improve Her Digital Literacy

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Mar 30, 2018 21:49
Have you ever heard of Sazae-san? It is a TV animation which started broadcasting in 1969. Watching Sazae-san at 18:00 on Sunday is a custom of typical Japanese families.

In its peak period, in 1979, it registered a TV viewer rate in excess of 39.4%. Toshiba, which used to be one of the biggest home electric appliance companies, had continued to being the sponsor. However, from this April, the sponsor is going to change. One of them is Amazon.

Amazon is focused on spreading Amazon Prime in Japan, and Sazae-san would be the best content to achieve this with, because of its high profile including men and women of all ages.

This announcement draws people's attention to Sazae-san's content and whether it will change or not. So far, this anime has been portraying a typical, old Japanese family. Laptops and smartphones haven't appeared. The theme song is like this: Sazae-san went out for shopping, but she forgot her wallet! How hilarious, Sazae-san!
However, with Amazon, she doesn't have to go shopping any more! She can do online shopping at home. Since she is very goofy, she might forget her Amazon-password. Also, she always buys alcohol, condiments and drinks from a store called Mikawa-ya. A staff member from Mikawa-ya called Sabu-chan always brings her purchase items directly to her home. However, people are worried about him now, because there is the Amazon pantry! Small talk with Sabu-chan is a very important source of information for Sazae-san. I hope Sazae-san will keep placing orders at Mikawa-ya.

Due to these developments, Sazae-san's digital literacy might gradually improve from April.




主題歌は、「買い物しようと町まで 出かけたら 財布を忘れて 陽気なさざえさん」とあります。でもアマゾンがあれば、もう買い物にでかける必要はありません!家でオンラインで買えます。彼女はとてもおっちょこちょいなので、アマゾンのパスワードを忘れるかもしれませんね。また、さざえさんはいつもお酒や調味料、飲み物を三河屋というお店から購入しています。三河屋の店員さぶちゃんはいつもサザエさんが購入したものを直接家に届けてくれます。でも、みんな今さぶちゃんを心配しています。アマゾンパントリーがあるからです!さぶちゃんとの世間話はさざえさんにとって大事な情報の収入源です。さざえさんはこれからも三河屋から購入して欲しいと思います。

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