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Dec 14, 2017 21:19
Since I'd heard of the movie about Vincent van Gogh here (Thank you Old Gaijin san!), I went to see it. If you like the work of Van Gogh, this movie is highly recommended. Many masterpieces and their models appeared one after another as a part of the scenery or characters and they were moving! I was so excited all throughout seeing it. The story is also interesting, like a mystery and based on facts.
Many characters were suspicious, it's like The murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.(I haven't watched the new movie yet. Is it good?) However, eventually the solution was not revealed, it's still not been brought to light according to historical facts. He died at 37 years old. We could have seen more great masterpieces if he had lived longer. That's sad.

By the way, I found a quite bad taste Van Gogh doll. One ear can be separated from the doll's body, and a bandage can be put on instead of the ear...
I know what they want to do. Sometimes people like a bit of a bad taste thing, but it's too bad...

Reference: http://goghdoll.com/