Running in Strong Winds

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Oct 30, 2017 22:45
This morning a typhoon passed through. Recently Japan has had so many typhoons!
Anyway I went jogging to make up for a lack of exercise due to the increment weather of the past few days.
I went to a designated jogging road but no one was there. At first I thought like ' Oh, it's good. I can have it all to myself.' and then I noticed the situation later.
Strong winds were still blowing around. When I started running, they were blowing hard against me. I was sometimes just stuck stomping in at the same place due to winds even though I tried to move! It took a lot of time to reach a turning point.
On the other hand, it was following hardly on the way back, so I had to run at full speed because I was being pushed by it. Actually one of my foot had a bit floated in the air once!
I'm wondering if professional runners can run same as usual in this weather.
I'm very tired.