3- The Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi ※Spoiler Alert

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Dec 21, 2017 21:21
Students including me always lined up and attacked him one after another, but he didn't even move his legs much. He fended off an attack with one swing, and hit with another swing. His swings were too fast to catch up. When I noticed that I was hit, he was always already about to face the next student. Now, I want to do Kendo! However, the armor and the uniform are too heavy to wear and bring. Also my body smells so bad after doing Kendo. My friend's father was very enthusiasm for Kendo to spread Kendo all over the world and become an official event at the Olympics. He sometimes went to other countries to teach Kendo. Unfortunately, Kendo hasn't become an official event yet. I think Kendo costs a lot. The armor is expensive, and a bamboo sword is easy to break.

I hope a company would makes a real lightsaber and more easy ways of doing Kendo or fencing etc with modern technology.
It would be great if we can fight in the world of Star wars. Isn't it possible if we put on VR googles?

I got off track. Anyway, I can't wait to see episode 9!

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