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Jan 27, 2018 22:50
Recently I'm trying to study on Cousera, which is an online school providing over two thousands courses.

First, I took a course on American poetry, which features Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, but it was too difficult...! I found a lot of unknown words to me watching a video of a professor and students discussing poems. The more I study, the more I find words that I've never seen before....>< Anyway I barely understood just the outline, so I gave up. I'd like to retry one day though..!
Then, I started to take a course on data analytics. Although I've just started the course, it seems much easier than the other one. The professor uses only simple English. However, I assume it's going to be more difficult later.

To get a certificate, I need to pay 5,000 yen for the one month course. I wonder what to extent it's useful? The price is really appropriate. It's not too expensive, not too cheap. If the price were cheaper than the current price, people wouldn't feel the value in it. If it were more expensive, many people wouldn't get it. I'm still not sure whether I can keep up the course or not, so I'd like to wait and see.