My friend Pedro got married

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Feb 24, 2015 16:41
Last Saturday I went to my friends's wedding.My friend Pedro and his girlfriend Rosa
Finally married, for two years .I hadn't gone wedding actually I don't like go to wedding but this is very special for me , because Pedro and I always have been friends since childhood .We used to play with our friends in the park, when I was dressing up my friend Lola called me .Her car broke down I had left my car at the mechanic's workshop .We had gone by bus until church there our friends were waiting for 15 minutes at door they were impatience because we weren't there
In spite of we haven't car we arrived to time .We ate several foods,it was wonderful
In my opinion was the best wedding there was a lot of fun.when it finish all we went
For several pubs until we be out for forces, but Lola and I decided go away at home
We were tired my friends were for an hour more in a pub.On Sunday Pedro and his
Wife went with us to have lunch in a restaurant of his brother in law It was a great
Meal with a big paella and for dessert we ate an ice cream