Haldorf Hotel

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Feb 3, 2019 04:41
Last, year I went with my friend Ana to Madrid for six days in June.We wanted to visit an exhibition of sculptures in the Museum of Contemporary Art, because my friend's cousin is a sculptor and he exhibited in this famous museum . after seeing this museum Ana and I decided to see the most famous monuments of this city such as the monastery of El Escorial, the Palace of the East, the Farm of San Ildefonso, the Royal Palace , the Gate of Alcalá, and the Cibeles Fountain.

When we were taking photos in the Cybeles, my friend noticed that a man greeted her he was Paul, a former co-worker that Ana had not seen him for many years it was a great surprise for Ana. Paul invited us to eat the typical food in a small restaurant . Paul advised us about a new hotel called "Haldorf " in the center of Madrid. We liked their exterior appearance very modern . This hotel had 120 rooms very simply furnished the bedroom was comfortable and each room was painted of blue and decorated with many plants. We enjoyed eating in the hotel's restaurant .The main disadvantage was it had no internet and tv.
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