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Feb 12, 2011 22:03
We also help to build the ISS. Often robots do this for us but sometimes people have to do those jobs. So I went out of the ISS. Then I connect the different modules of the ISSThe weight of the finish ISS is 455 t. That’s too heavy for any racket or space shuttle. So there are about 100 parts. So there are more than 50 flights to bring those parts in space. Of course there were some problems. The ISS became more and more expensive. So they could not build all modules. And for a long time the Nasa didn’t flew with any space shuttle. Because of the accident with the Columbia in the year 2003. So they need more time to build it up. Firstly it should be finish in the year 2005. Allthougther the ISS costs about 100 billions of us dollars.