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Jan 26, 2011 02:45
Iss is the largest and most complex international scientific project in history. They build since the year 1998 at the ISS. It would be finish in this year. It only takes 91 minutes the fly around the earth. You could imagine we need a lot of power up there. And there is just one way get some energy. We have to use the sun. SO there are big solar panels at the ISS. But sometimes we are in the shadow of the earth so there is no sun. So we have to use many batteries because 40% of time we are in the shadow. I want to tell you our job of the ISS. The reason for building the ISS is the weightlessness in the space. So we can do lots of experiments. And those are really important because we can find new medicine or help to get new information’s about peoples in space. So many of the experiments are about biology or medicine. Or we observe the earth because you can image we have great picture from the earth up there. But our job is not only analysis