Thomas Reiter a astronaout

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Jan 20, 2011 03:09
My name is Thomas Reiter. I born in Germany. And I am 52 years old. My job is an astronaut. I went for 2 times to the space and altogether I spent almost a year in the space. Firstly I was on the MIR space station from the Russians. Later I went to the ISS I want to tell you about the life in space and the ISS. ISS stands for International space station.
In the space we use ready meals and microwave ovens. And we have to fix our meal because they flew around that can be dangerous for computers around us. To drink water is special to. We have to use bags with stews. In a bottle the water would go outside. To use a toilet in space is difficult. You have to fix you up. So you can not flay around. There are machines up there they collect all water from the toilet or from our sweat because we have to use the water again. On the ISS are always seven or six astronauts. They all from different countries.