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Oct 5, 2010 23:17
To India by bike – a trip with difference.
When I got a bike and an atlas for my tenth
birthday I decided to cycle to India. I still know exactly
when I made that deciding : And it was logical, too,
because of two discovers I had made. Cycling was
a wonderful way of travelling and it was possible
to get to India without having to cross a lot of water.
I did not tell my parents who would have said that
it was a child dream.
That was at the beginning of December 1941.
On 14th January 1963 I set out from Dublin to cycle
towards Delhi. The preparation was easy.
I arrived in Delhi on 18th July 1963, almost six months
after I left Ireland. There were more long bike trips
in the following years, but that first one was by far the excite one.