Could someone fill in the correct verb:

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Mar 11, 2010 00:29
Could someone fill in the correct verb:
go, drive, hear, listen to, make, do, take, bring, need, take

1 You can ... a car when you are 18.
2 It's easier to ... to Munich by train than by car.
3 I ... an interview with J.J.Jones yesterday. I really ... his words very carefully, but he didn't say anything I hadn't ... before.
4 Please ... this letter to the postbox. Then buy the newspaper and ... it to me.
5 How long does it ... to go to Paris by train?
6 I ... five eggs for this cake.
7 Sarah has ... her English homework, but as you can see she has ... a lot of mistakes. What can she ... about those mistakes? Well, she could ... a list of all her mistakes and look them up in her grammar and dictionary.
8 Something you shouldn't forget in the morning is to ... your bed.
9 Can I ... my friends home this afternoon? - Okay, but could you and your friends please ... these empty bottles to the bottle bank?