The USA had a huge impact on our history.

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Feb 24, 2014 01:30
The USA had a huge impact on our history. The country was involved in almost every clash since their independence. The USA developed form a colony to a world power. And after the World War 1 it was the richest country in the world. And today the USA is still the strongest political power in the world. However, its role is very controversial.
In their opinion, American values of democracy and freedom are the standard by which all other countries should be measured. With the leadership in the NATO they are engaging in several conflicts in the world as Syria, Afghanistan or North Korea. We need something like a world police. So Relationships with tyrannical regimes should be avoided and the military may be used to keep international troublemakers in check. With the largest military budget and troops deployed all over the world is that the task of the USA. In spite of their high level of debt, is it still strongest economy power in the world. So their hold in the market based on the dollar is extremely high. Added by a global intelligence network, the CIA. And don’t forget the rich cultural influence in music, television, films, food, art, and fashion. Of course China has made great improvments in the last years, but they also suffer from serious problems. Like corruption, water and soil pollution, one party Communist rule and so one. To sum up: the United States is the world leader and likely to remain there for decades