A bit strange dream

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Feb 21, 2015 01:08
I dreamed a bit strange story.

I bought an old house that was renovated. The house has a really big bathroom. The bathroom looks like a pool or public bath, and has big windows. The windows are filled all over the walls.

In the other first floor, there are many small mirrors. I want a big mirror, but there is not it.

The second floor, there is an unfinished room. When I decided to buy this house, I didn't know the house included unfinished room. I was disappointed to see the room, but the veranda is absolutely great!

The wall are filled by lots of books. It seems an old lovely library. I'm so excited seeing the veranda, because I love books.

Around the house, there are some field mouse. They live in dark path near my house.

When I will go out my house, big bell is ringing, and I wake up at bed in my real room.