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Testimonials from friends

Stefan (Phen) is an amiable and funny guy. I'm sure there are other more suitable adjectives you could use to describe him but these are the two main qualities that strike me (I'm sure there are more...). If you read some of his entries, you might get a feeling that he's some sort of 変人. Well, you're not off the mark---he even admits it... lol. But that's what make him so interesting, it's part of his charms. We share a lot in common, including (but not limited to) being 変人. He lives a healthy lifestyle by eating 超-healthy foods and doing various physical exercises. His Japanese is nothing short of being amazing. The essence of his learning methods are quite similar to mine too, which is to have fun~ ^^
気さくでとても優しい人です。(それからとっても面白い!) 添削してくれる時は、とても丁寧に教えてくれるし、 なんと言っても日本語が上手なので説明がわかりやすい~♪ ピアノの先生というだけあって、YOUTUBEにアップしている ピアノの動画はすばらしいと思うし、面白い動画もつくったりと、 Phenの日記を読むのも楽しかったりする。 日本大好き、アニメ大好きのPhen!これからもよろしくね~★
私の可愛いお兄ちゃんですよ! (笑)日本語とても上手ですよ (うやらましい)いつか、私も上手になるなあと思ってさ! あと、英語も上手すぎる(私の中国語も上手すぎるです)ハハハ たくさんの成語も知りますよ、これからね、私の英語と日本語 お願いしますね~~~

He is funny,friendly,gentle,and...... I have never seen such a kind man!haha You should talk with himXD
Phen's journal entries are really special and impressive, I always can't help smiling while I'm reading them. I feel from his entries that he is an interesting person and full of energy. I believe that his life will never be boring. ^^Yeah, we'll be good friends because we all like One Piece. Really happy to have met you Phen. ^^
Although I don't know much about Phen now, I think he is a kind, friendly and interesting person. His journal entries are always lively and interesting. They are really worth reading. I would like to read more about his entries in the future.
Thank you so much for your kindness! :D