Could you please correct my essay?

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Apr 18, 2012 19:08
Hi everyone, I have a writing assignment, and I need you help!!
Please correct my essey. even one correction is appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

In these days, people attend college for many reasons, such as gaining knowledge, making new friends, and increasing job opportunities.

I decided to come to college because I had a specific future goal working as a veterinary technician successfully.

A veterinary technician is a person trained to assist veterinarians, and she must have a certificate in order to work as a technician.

I go to college because it offers the certificate, and teach me a proper English.

I am attending college because I can get a certificate of veterinary technician.

There are a large number of jobs in the world, such as a chef, garbage collector, game programmer, pharmacist, pilot, and president, each person has their own job that they want to work at.

Some people prefer making hamburgers and French fries at a fast food restaurant.

Some people dislike working with computers and prefer becoming a teacher at an elementary school.

People must earn their living.

I have to work from the morning to the evening for my living, and if my job is not interesting or fun, my life would be boring.

Thinking about my future, I thought I want to do something I like, or I want to do because I have to work for a couple of decades.

For me taking care of sick animals are my disable jobs, and becoming a veterinary technician is suitable.

I am attending college to acquire my disable job.
Second reason I am attending college is because I can improve English literacy.

As an international student, my reading, writing, and speaking abilities in English are far inferior to native English speakers.

I still make a lot of grammatical mistakes, and do not have enough vocabulary to write an essay, so I always need to depend on my dictionary.

Possessing proper English is the minimum requirement for foreigners because without it, we will not be able to have jobs.

My desirable job is to become a veterinary technician.

In order to obtain the career, I must be able to speak proper English to clients, who visit the veterinary hospital for their sick pets.

I must also have listening skills, otherwise I will misunderstand what the doctor says to me, and this might be a cause of a big problem.

At college, professor always collect my English, and I can prepare for my career.

Acquiring professional literacy is related to a successful life as a veterinary technician.

I am attending college for my career.

At college, I can acquire a certificate of veterinary technician.

I can also improve English literacy which is necessary for me to become professional.

College is a place where I can prepare for my career.