Please help me!! (The last body paragraph)

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Dec 3, 2011 10:36
could you please correct my body paragraph? If there is a better way to write, please let me know!

This is the last body paragraph.

People often misjudge other people’s personalities by their speaking as well as their social classes.

People believe speaking is proportional to social class, and this causes us misunderstand other people’s personalities.

In the first scene of the play the flower girl, Eliza and Professor Higgins encounter each other, Eliza seems unrefined and has no manners, and Professor Higgins looks like a gentleman.

However, as they associate and communicate more, they both have quite different personalities. This is often caused because people are deluded with their speaking and social classes.

Professor Higgins, who is in the higher social class and speaks proper English, is conjectured as a courteous person by other people.

However, in his private, he handles others roughly and has no manners.

On the other hand, the destitute flower girl, Eliza, who does not know how to speak properly, is conceptualized as an impolite person, and her real personality is just a single minded person that needs to survive in poverty.

Our fixed ideas of social classes and language often lead us into misjudging our personalities.

In the article, “The Language of Silence”, author Maxine Hong Kingston states a similar concept utilizing her own experience from her childhood.

As a first generation American who was raised in a Chinese immigrant community in America, she both experienced Chinese and American cultures, and had difficulty adjusting herself in utterly different worlds.

While she was in an American school, she did not vocalize much. Looking at how she was different from other children, her teacher became worried and referred her to speech therapy.

However, when she was in a Chinese school, she was considered a normal child, who screamed and liked playing.

She knew that the way of Chinese speaking was noisier and stronger than Americans’, so she adjusted her speaking quieter while she was in the American school.

Her teacher at the American school had a different perspective on her personality from the teacher at the Chinese school, and it was because her speaking hid how she was normally, and adorned herself with a different personality.

Eliza’s and Professor Higgins’ personality are judged wrongly because of their speaking and social classes, and Author Kingston was also misjudged because of her speaking.

Thank you so much!!