Lucky me!

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Dec 23, 2010 07:26
We had my office X'mas party yesterday. Hundreds of people joined the party. It was very crowded, rather packed like a commute train car, in the cafeteria where the party was held. Many drinks and dishes were served, but more people were there, so I thought they were not much enough, it was short of quantity. Besides, we had some exhibitions on the stage. Some played musical instruments, dance, or the other party exhibitions. They sounded like very fun, but I couldn't watch nor hear them because of the happy and noisy crowd.
By the way, I was very happy to chat with friends and hear some of them are getting married soon. We spent fun and relaxed hours at the party.

Well, I tell you I was very lucky. That is, I was very lucky to have won the 1st prize of lottery at the party. Lucky me! It was a lottery, but I was very pleased. It was travel coupons. I will go on a one-stay trip with my family to a hot spring not so far.