Sunscreen attacked my eyes

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Jul 27, 2010 04:44
My eyes hurt as posted yesterday. My eyes have been bloodshot like a zombie till now.
I wondered if that was really a case that a sunburn caused this inflammation as I posted.
That's because I was used to spent more time under sun than yesterday without eye trouble like this. Well then, what caused this inflammation of my eyes, I wonder. I put on some sunscreen on my face before getting out. And after getting out, I sweated a lot like a river and got sweat in my eyes. The sunscreen flew into my eyes with this sweat. It hurted my eyes.
That's why my eyes became red and inflamed, I guess. The sunscreen attacked my eyes, I'm sure.
I rarely put on sunscreen before now. I didn't know how it hurts my eyes. Well, I learned. I am not going to put sunscreen above my eyes.