How long does it take for you to commute?

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Apr 10, 2010 06:44
How long does it take for you to commute?

I run from home to work for about 30min almost everyday. It's good.
My wife goes to her work by bicycle for approximately 10min. It's good, too.
My daughter goes to school by train and bicycle from the nearest station to her school for about 45min in total. Yes. Not too bad.
My son goes to his university via approximately one and a half hour train trip. One and a half hour to go! Three hours in trains per a day, everyday! I can't say it is not too bad.

We are planning to let him live alone in an apartment near his university or in a dormitory in the near future.
Regarding the time, if he lives alone, he must do housework by himself. Cleaning the room, doing the dishes, washing clothes, preparing a bath, and so on. It takes time, but less than 3 hours a day, I hope so. He will learn a lot from experience. For not wasting his time, or not losing kinds of opportunities, we'd better to let him live alone probably.
But, is that true? Is it absolutely better to live alone? No, I have another idea. If he remains home, he can concentrate on his study without any houseworks bothering him. It would be better at one point of view.

It is a difficult problem for us which would be better, he commutes from home, or he lives alone. Some time is needed to decide which and when we do.