Could you correct my English?

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Jan 27, 2013 14:22
I was born in the Aizu region of Fukushima prefecture and passed 18 years there, but now I live in Kanagawa prefecture. The Fukushima nuclear plant exploded on March 11, 2011, after a powerful earthquake and the resultant tsunami. Last summer I went to my hometown, Fukushima, for the first time since the disaster. Then I happened to see my nephews hanging dosimeters around their necks. The scene gave me a great shock. It made me consider the explosion of the plant, and after that I wrote “My hometown, Fukushima” in Japanese last autumn. Moreover, I translated it into English and French this spring and wrote haiku this summer and autumn.
As for gogyoshi, I had written most of them two years before, while thinking of my hometown. Now “My hometown, Fukushima ” has been translated into 18 languages by my Facebook friends. Besides, many artists inspired by “My hometown, Fukushima ” held an exhibition for my gogyoshi and their artworks in Netherlands from November 17 to 25, 2012.
Lots of English native-speakers helped me with the English versions. Special thanks to Brian Zimmer, Mervyn Edwards, Janice Thomson, and Ed Bremson, my English has become much better! I wish to express my sincere thanks for their cooperation in this edition.