Please make my English of ( ) more natural.

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Apr 4, 2012 00:22
Please would you make my English of ( ) more natural?

However, honestly speaking, I don't know whether the
trace of cesium is my enemy or not. Some experts say
that it may be good for the health as long as it's just
a trace. Others say it is very dangerous. I don't know
which is true. Strictly speaking, even experts don't
know the truth. In the future,we'll be able to see what
effect cesium will have, good or bad. But I want to know
now whether or not I will contract cancer.

This is the common,
latent anxiety
among lots of residents
living near the Fukushima
Atomic Power Plant.

( However I can't know my future now.

God knows it. But if he doesn't exist ,

no one can know it in the universe.

A trace of cesium

exists silently

without any smell

without any taste

in my dark cells. )