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Mar 13, 2012 23:51 #311fromjapan

Fukushima was famous for its fruits - apples, pears
and peaches. When we watched a soccer game on TV
together in my brother's living room in Fukushima,
his wife peeled a peach for me.

I eat
the pink peach.
Though very delicious,
a trace of cesium
has just entered my body.


I can’t see cesium,
neither hear,
nor feel,
it’s an invisible

However,honestly speaking, I didn't know whether the
trace of cesium was my enemy or not. Some experts said
that it may be good for the health as long as it's just
a trace. Others said it was very dangerous.I don't know
which is true. Strictly speaking, even experts don't
know the truth. In the future,I'll be able to see what
effect cesium will have, good or bad. But now I do want
to know whether I will contract cancer or not!This is
the common anxiety of many residents living near the
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

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