Organ Trasplant Program

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Sep 20, 2014 04:36
Organ Trasplant Program

Lately, someone interested in that matter could read on newspapers or watch on TV that the Organ Trasplant National Program claimed again that Spain is the first country of the world in trasplant surgery. Last year, It have been realized about 4.500 trasplant surgeries, a percentage that suposses the 4% of total in the world. More than half of these surgeries involves kidneys, followed by heart, lungs, pancreas and intestines.

Health System in Spain is universal, It means that the Constitution marks that every person is entitled to being attended regarledless his economic and laboral situation. The government finances health system with the taxes that all workers pay every month.
One of the point that generates controversy is that trasplant surgery and hospital stay in the process are very expensive (90.000 euros/ each) and It´s no secret that Spain had become from some years ago, one of the main destination for the health tourism.