[Short speech] Is it good to sleep in a bra at night?

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Feb 24, 2019 23:26
Some people wear a bra when they sleep at night and others don't. I believe that wearing a bra while you sleep at night is not good for the following reasons.

First, it is not good for your health. Because one of the major negative health effects of wearing a bra to bed is that it affects your blood circulation. For example, especially underwired-bra getting tight against your skin restricts the flow of blood to the nerves present in your arms and other areas of the body, leading to some serious diseases.

Second, it prevents you from relaxing while you are sleeping. Because just like wearing very tight clothes during sleep may cause restlessness and uneasiness, wearing a bra to sleep, especially a fitted or tight bra disturbs sleep. Actually, I often saw a nightmare when I used to wear a bra while sleeping some years ago.

For the above reasons, I strongly believe the disadvantages of wearing a bra in bed outweigh its benefits. Although many people seem to claim that wearing a bra at night has cosmetic effects, it is silly to pursue beauty sacrificing health and quality of sleep.
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