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Oct 1, 2018 20:20
I read a very touching blog entry of one of the most famous Japanese comedians, today. So, I decided to translate it into English. This is a really long one. But I would appreciate if you could correct my English.

* The original Blog entry in Japnese is here.

***** My trial translation of Picotaro's blog entry *****


A miracle.

I don't know the exact probability it happens. It's probably a word without a definite definition. But, I feel people call something happening with a certain unbelievable probability "a miracle".

On September 29, 2018, I am in Madrid, the capital city of Spain.

Picotaro was invited by "Japan Weekend Madrid" and local popular TV program "Late Motiv", and I am with him as a producer.

Of cause, I don't deny that this situation itself is a big miracle which I never imagined would happen a few years back.

But this time, I have one thing I want to write which is not this miracle.

Back in last April this year...

I met a cute three-year-old girl. Her name is "Airi-chan".
(* “-chan” is not a part of the name but is a diminutive suffix to refer to children or sometimes close friends and lovers).

We met each other through an organization. It is a wonderful organization that aims to vitalize those children fighting serious diseases by making their dreams come true with cooperation provided by celebrities.

Basically, those celebrities don't disclose their activities, and I was thinking to do the same.

Until I came here in Madrid...

Until I felt two miracles, "a realized miracle" and "an unrealized miracle"...

Well, I will return to AIRI-chan's story.

Happily, AIRI-chan was a big fan of Pico Taro, they said.
AIRI-chan's enemy was one of the most difficult diseases to treat.
Due to the side effect of the strong medications, she lost her hair and was constantly in and out of the hospital for operations.

You know?
She is only 3 years old.
Really tiny.
Really tiny and cute.

So cute...

and was trying hard for medical treatments that even adults could hardly tolerate.

The girl seemed to watch DVD and YoutTube of Pico Taro and laugh and even dance every day.

How delightful it is!

Having heard of her, I could not wait to meet her. But, considering her medication timing and physical condition, finally the day we can meet came.

On April 13, our meeting was arranged in a reserved hotel room.
Pico Taro standing by in the waiting room.
Some voice singing and laughing comes from the next room.

And the time came ...

Picotaro went to the room where "strong" AIRI-chan was waiting.
Picotaro opened the door vigorously.
And who was waiting for Picotaro there was ...

Tiny tiny Picotaro!

She dressed like Picotaro and was waiting for him.
With her wig and sunglasses, she was nothing but real tiny Picotaro!

AIRI-chan jumping with full of joy came to him with very low "high-touch" and hugged him. It was touching to see her mother nearby couldn't bear the tears watching Airi-chan expressing her rapture.

Pico Taro started to sing right away.
A microphone stand and Karaoke set were ready for him.

As soon as he started singing PPAP, AIRI-chan ran up him and Pico-danced happily and so hard as if she was like flying.

You look really like flying, AIRI-chan.

Then, the song, "Neo Sunglass" followed.
She sang like "Kurai, Kurai (Dark, Dark) .....Akarui (Bright) !" even louder than Picotaro. And how cute the last phrase "Ton, Ton" was! She is just an angel.

She repeatedly requested songs again and again. Picotaro sang sweating again and again.

"What shall we sing next?"
"Well, er.... Romita Hashimicov!"
The room was filled with laughter.

Singing the song, Picotaro reflected its such crazy lyrics but anyway sang.
AIRI-chan was jumping around him singing and laughing.


Her wig slips off.
And she smiled shyly with her cute skinhead.
Three-year-old girl. Three years old.

How many songs did we sing?
We had a little break and had a chatting time with AIRI-chan sitting on the lap of Picotaro.

Her mother actually requested one thing to Picotaro previously. She said that since the hard medical treatment would start again next week, it would be great if Picotaro could tell AIRI-chan "Do your best and beat those bad stuff in your body".

Picotaro was thinking to remember to tell it to AIRI-chan without fail.
"AIRI-chan, next week you will fight with bad stuff, won't you? It's really...."

Then, AIRI-chan looked away and shook her head, and made a sad face.

She doesn't want to listen. Yes, I know. She doesn't.

"... anyway, do your best, I will come and see you! I will send you videos, too! Let's beat them up"

smiled to me.

From then, we talked, sang and danced, exceeding the originally scheduled time. But it may hurt you if we overdo it ....

Oh? .... Perhaps? ....
AIRI-chan, maybe you will be ....
Maybe .... You will be ... cured!

Stupid Picotaro started to think so, watching AIRI-chan in front of him.
A miracle may happen!
The tough disease may be blown off!

I do know Picotaro and I do not have such a power. I know it is medicine to cure people.

But, I am stupid.
I just believe it.

A smiling, dancing, little girl finally throwing a wig, enjoying with sweat on her skinhead,
will never be defeated by illness!

Old chaps like us might be.
But this girl lived only three years from her birth,
and lives now with full of vitality...

She can win, yes, she can!

I know we can't do much for her,
but I can't stop thinking it could be even a little help for her complete recovery.
Like "Look! Miracle recovery! How is this!".

We exchanged presents....
promised to see each other again.... and closed our party.
She was waving her hand all along.

After that, I heard her treatment progress, received letters from her every so often...

Before she had a tough operation again, I wanted to see her, and she seemed to say the same though, it was difficult considering her physical condition. All I could do was send her a video.

I was thinking to sing "Can you see? I'm sushi" together with her when she gets better.

On September 27, 2018,

AIRI-chan left for heaven.

"A miracle" did not happen.

Although a miracle did not happen, the day AIRI-chan passed away was the day Justin Bieber retweeted Picotaro two years ago and consequently, his name was spread out all over the world.

AIRI-chan who probably come to know Picotaro by this passed away on the same day after two years.

And today is September 29.
I am here in Madrid, the capital city of Spain.

Having finished feverish Picotaro live stage, "Q&A" event in which Picotaro answers to questions from the audience started.

At this very moment, one very cute, Spanish girl wearing a hand-made Picotaro T-shirt raised her hand again and again, as probably she had a question she really wants to make.

She looked maybe 8 to 10 years old.

She was too short, so she couldn't be noticed. But Picotaro noticed her and ask the local MC to pick up her question.

The girl with the microphone made her cheek blushed but satisfactorily said,

"What is your favourite animals♡?"

What a cute question!!

But, Picotaro gave an incomprehensible answer as usual.

"My favourite animal is Alpaca."


Picotaro really loves Alpaca, but....

Alpaca has been drawing media attention and is now very popular in Japan, but it seems it is hardly known in Spain, so the girl was in trouble and went like,

"??? I don't know? What kind of animal? ... Oh, I don't know!"

Then, Picotaro said,
"Please, Google!"

The girl gave a big nod, and the room was in big laughter.

Anyway, we had communication like that and proceed to the next event, the signing session.

It is an event in the separate room exclusively for 100 participants where Picotaro signs on the Picotaro mask and taking a photo with participants. Fortunately, it was sold out.

When the event was held with participants from Spain and various European countries in a friendly atmosphere,

Then, Spanish girl came back with her father.

Oh? What?
What she has got in her hand was ...
rainbow colored ....
stuffed Alpaca Σ(゚Д゚;)!!??!

"I googled and bought it for you!! I am glad that I could find it! This is for you, Picotaro."

Where the heck did you get it!
It's been only one hour since then.

... I'll cry. I'll surely cry

Picotaro was so surprised and so glad, and I shed tears.
We are so lucky guys.

"Can I hug you!? Let's hug!!"

She smiled opening her arms like wings and hugged Picotaro so tightly.

It makes me cry.
"Thank you! I will write my autograph for you..."

Whenever Picotaro writes autograph abroad, he put the person's name next to the autograph. When the letters are difficult like Spanish or French, one of the staff members writes it down on a memo in advance and gives it to Picotaro, and he writes the name looking at the memo.

The girl's name was ...
On the memo, it says,


A miracle.
This is a miracle.

She is AIRI-chan.

At least, I can't stop believing it.
A miracle has happened.
A realized miracle and an unrealized miracle.

Long distanced two "AIRI" from Japan and from Spain.

It seems "AIRI" is also a quite rare name in Spain. If so, it is more a rare miracle...

The reason I wrote this long, heavy, and redundant thing is...

These two miracles...
A realized miracle and an unrealized miracle.

I just wanted to tell AIRI-chan's mother....

And ...

just wanted to send off AIRI-chan in my way, who was little, strong, cute, but went to heaven too early.

Some may say, it's just a name and mere coincidence...
But I wonder what the actual probability of this miracle is?

It should be an unbelievably rare probability.
I believe this is a miracle.


It's a miracle.


Cute Alpaca... Picotaro says he will keep it as his treasure. Thank you.


You don't have to go through any tough treatment.
You don't have to feel any more hurt.
Picotaro will never forget you.
Take a good rest.

Picotaro will do funny stuff to amuse you again.
Please dance with him.

Though he will probably make a stupid song as he is always silly Picotaro.

Please jump with us again.
Good night for now.
See you.

(Kosaka Daimaou)