[Short essay] How are values among young and old different in Japan.

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Sep 10, 2014 00:56
In the last century, Japan has gone through a big change especially in its recovery from the World War II. As life style was changing, people's sense of value changed as well. Therefore, there is a gap in the senses of value between young and old in Japan. In this essay, I will illustrate how they are different.
A patience was virtue in old Japan. People prioritize a harmony and growth of society rather than personal content. People worked hard not having their own free time.
Husband and wife did not divorce as easily as today. An individual sacrifice his/her life for its family.
However, time has changed and we do not have the same sense of value any more. Women's role in society has become more equal to men. It is inevitable that old sense of value becomes obsolete as society and its people change.
As human is an existence keeping on progressing, changes are unavoidable. Nevertheless, we should respect elderly and try to understand their sense of value since they are the ones that created the current society where we live now.