[Short essay] Is space exploration worth the cost?

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Oct 7, 2019 11:48
Space development has been one of the most fascinating science technology fields in human history. It supposedly involves tremendous cost. However, I believe space exploration worth the cost. As follows are reasons to support my opinion.

Firstly, the role of space development has been changed. Space development used to have more political meaning to appeal the technology level of nations especially in the era of the cold war. However, the situation changed at the collapse of the USSR. Now space development is performed under international cooperation and has a more practical role to serve for the benefit of the entire world. For example, as a countermeasure to the rapidly growing world population, some investigation for terraforming has already been started.

Secondly, thanks to the rapid progress of technology, the cost involved in the R&D and production cost of a spacecraft for space exploration today is much less than what they used to be. This situation has already invited some private companies to enter the space development business and their business model is profitable due to the low cost actualized by technology advancement.

Finally, space development indirectly contributes to various industries. There have been many technologies created in the process of space development and utilized in other industries, such as automotive industries, communication technology and countless others. Its contribution to human society is enormous, and it can be regarded as a valuable outcome.

In conclusion, for the above-stated reasons, the change in its significance, current cost-effectiveness due to technology advancement and its contribution to the various industrial area, I believe space exploration worth the cost.