[Diary] Tiger woman

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Oct 8, 2019 15:08
When I was browsing an English grammar book at some bookstore the other day, strange example sentences jumped out at me. There were three sentences illustrated as examples to explain that the presence of hyphen and comma could change the meaning of a sentence.

(1) She saw a man-eating tiger.
(2) She saw a man eating tiger.
(3) She saw a man, eating tiger.

What sentences they are! Yes, I understand the point, but didn't you come up with little better example sentences?

Nothing wrong with (1), but (2) and (3) are such rare situations, aren't they? "A man eating tiger?" Which country is the story from?

And furthermore, "She saw a man, eating tiger?" I could never imagine what kind of circumstances she was in.

However, I reconsidered "No, no, the author is just joking around. He must have written all of this to amuse readers." and kept reading the book, waiting for lines like "Well, we don't usually encounter such a strange situation though (lol)".

Various serious explanations of English grammars, however, continued as if nothing happened. No matter how further I read, there is nothing like such lines.

"Was this guy serious???"

I denied my idea, thinking "No, it can't be". And I just kept reading the book, still waiting for a message like "Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, but the previous example can't be possible, lol". After all, I ended up reading the book to the end.

However, with the tiger-eating woman in my mind, I don't remember any explanation on English grammar.

I talked to myself.
"Did the woman look at the man as the next target, eating the tiger?"
"How did the man feel when she looked at him?"
"It must have been terrifying. It must have been depressing."
I slowly closed the book, imagining the scene.

The textbook seemed to be a good one, but as I was so exhausted with the tiger woman, I bought a copy of a cat photo collection and left the bookstore.

(1) She saw a man-eating tiger.
(2) She saw a man eating tiger.
(3) She saw a man, eating tiger.