[Short speech] How is the Internet changing our lives

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Nov 4, 2014 15:49
Today, the Internet is closely related to our lives. Its introduction has changed our way of living. I believe its advantages outweigh its drawback as long as it is utilized with a clear consciousness on its potential negative effects.

The Internet provides us with tremendously useful infrastructure of electronic communication as we have never before experienced. We can search whatever information on the Web instantly whenever required thanks to the Internet. However, we have to be careful on the correctness of the information on the Web since they sometimes are mere personal opinions. In this way, we need to be capable and responsible on what information we choose more than before.

The internet has also provided us with a new communication methods such as "email" or "SNS" (Social Networking Services). We can deliver short text messages to our friends even in other countries instantaneously. It certainly gave us a useful communication methods. However, as they are overriding face-to-face communication, our basic communication skills may have been being ruined. For instance, some people are addicted or threatened to respond to messages from other people in unnecessarily prompt way holding a communication device in their hand 24 hours a day, and stick to electronic communication even when it is not appropriate.

In addition, the Internet is also invading the time spent with family. For instance, it is not weird any more to see a scene that everyone of one family at one table in a restaurant is playing with their smart phones to communicate with other people. We should consider the value of the legacy communication methods developed over the long human history.

In conclusion, I believe the Internet is a very useful tool to enhance our lives; nevertheless it all depends on us whether we make it a gift from technology or a curse of modern society.
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