[Short essay] Has a university degree in the humanities lost its relevance in today's world?

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Nov 5, 2018 22:28
Today, universities have various faculties and offer a wide variety of educations to the students. Some argue that the university degree in the humanities has lost its relevance in today's world. However, I do not agree with the idea, but believe that it has an important role in society. Follows are the arguments to support my opinion.

First, education is closely related to both the cultural and technological level of the nations. While education on technologies contributes to the industry, that on the humanities such as literature and arts fosters the culture of the nation. For instance, through such education of the humanities, we can obtain intelligence and humanity which enhance our quality of life.

Second, even under the current technology-oriented society, it is humans that operate the society. It will be even more important to understand each other. For example, in the current international society, we should understand various sense and thoughts with a different cultural background to minimize a tension between nations. Humanities play a more important role than ever.

Finally, balancing between technology and arts are key to maintaining society healthy. They are like two wheels of a car without which we can not drive steadily. For instance, our communication is becoming more digital ones such as email or Social Networking Services, and started to require some new rules. I believe such rules should be established carefully considering based on humanities to avoid the misuse.

As the reasons stated above, its importance in education, in mutual understanding, and in well-balanced society, I believe that a university degree in humanities will never be irrelevant to our society, because it is and will be playing one of the most important roles to maintain a healthy human society.